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We have launched our own brand of coffee and we are delighted with our two blends from our Good Cup Coffee range.  We really wanted to produce beans that can be tasted even in the milkiest of drinks.  We have succeeded.  Our blends are robust yet smooth enough to produce 'Velvet in the Cup'  Extra care has been taken to ensure full flavour is extracted without over roasting. There's nothing worse than burnt beans. So let us introduce to you our Italian Roast and Signature Blend.

Italian Roast

Our Italian Roast coffee bean is specially roasted to our specific blend to produce a fine aroma and crema, it will satisfy even the most distinguished coffee drinker. Fairly priced, no frills, big flavour.

Signature Blend

This is the blend we choose over many to put our signature to. We love it, you'll love it and we assure you, your customers, staff, friends and family will love it.  Carefully selected Arabica and Robusta beans create a coffee that is both deeply aromatic and tastes like 'Velvet in the Cup'  Yes it is slightly more expensive than our Italian Roast, it's intense but smooth and  very addictive, it certainly leaves you wanting another cup.

We will be with you from Bean to Machine to Cup

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