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Our unique In House Machine Rental Packages are designed to enable our clients to access the latest top quality coffee machines for a minimum initial outlay, meaning monthly payments can be made from the revenue generated from coffee sales rather than a capital outlay.

The Legal Bit

The facility is provided by Elite Coffee (not a third party) and incorporates all warranties and on going servicing for the duration of the rental.  It is wholly flexible in that the rental can be terminated with three months written notice.  Another aspect of flexibility is that the machine can be changed in cases where volume increases or decreases.

Fully Inclusive

Our packages include Traditional Coffee Machine, grinder and knockout box or Bean to cup Machine and chiller, installation and on site Barista training and all ancillaries required to start making coffee and generating revenue.

Have A Look

If you are interested in a Bean to Cup package please click on the WMF link to your right, click Professional and finally coffee machines, here you can experience the full range of Bean to Cup Coffee Systems available to purchase, lease or rent on our In House Rental Packages.

If you are looking for a traditional cafe style coffee machine please click on the Expobar link to your right, click products and here you can experience the full range of Traditional Coffee Machines available to purchase, lease or rent on our In House Rental Packages


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